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Google Cloud Professional Architect Engineer


This course introduces learners to the comprehensive and flexible infrastructure and platform services provided by Google Cloud Platform, with a focus on Compute Engine. Through a combination of presentations and hands-on labs, participants explore and deploy solution elements, including infrastructure components such as networks, systems and applications services. This course also covers deploying practical solutions including securely interconnecting networks, customer-supplied encryption keys, security and access management, quotas and billing, and resource monitoring.

This class is intended for Cloud Solutions Architects, DevOps Engineers or individuals using Compute Engine.


Understanding of the OSI 7-layer model

Understanding of Virtualization


Introduction to Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

  • GCP Computing Architectures
  • GCP Region and Zones
  • Lab: Console and Cloud Shell
  • Lab: Infrastructure Preview

Virtual Networks in GCP

  • Virtual Private Cloud: Projects, Networks, Subnetworks, IP Addresses, Routing and Firewalling
  • Lab: VPC Networking
  • Lab: Bastion Host

Virtual Machines in GCP

  • Compute Engine
  • Lab: Creating Virtual Machines
  • Compute Options and Special Configurations
  • Images and Disk Options
  • Lab: Working with Virtual Machines

Cloud IAM in GCP

  • Cloud IAM: Organizations and Roles
  • Members and Service Accounts
  • Lab: Getting Started with Cloud IAM

Storage and Database Services

  • Cloud Storage and Features
  • Lab: Getting Started with Cloud Storage
  • Cloud SQL
  • Lab: Getting Started with Cloud SQL
  • Cloud Spanner, Cloud Firestore, Cloud BigTable, Cloud Memorystore

Resource Management and Monitoring

  • Introduction to Cloud Resource Manager
  • Quotas, Labels and Names
  • Billing
  • Lab: Examining Billing Data with BigQuery
  • Monitoring with Stackdriver
  • Lab: Resource Monitoring
  • Logging, Error Reporting, Tracing and Debugging
  • Lab: Error Reporting and Debugging

Interconnecting Networks

  • Cloud VPN
  • Cloud Interconnect and Peering
  • Shared VPC and VPC peering
  • Lab: Virtual Private Networks

Load Balancing and Autoscaling

  • Managed instance groups
  • HTTPS Load Balancing and Health Checks
  • Lab: Configuring an HTTP Load Balancer with Autoscaling
  • Other Load Balancers: SSL Proxy, TCP Proxy, Network and Internal

Infrastructure Automation

  • Deployment Manager
  • Lab: Automating the Infrastructure of Networks Using Deployment Manager or Terraform
  • GCP Marketplace

Managed Services

  • BigQuery
  • Lab: Getting started with BigQuery
  • Cloud Dataflow
  • Cloud Dataprep
  • Cloud Dataproc
  • Lab: Getting started with Cloud Dataproc


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Durata: 5 giorni

Codice: GCP-ARCH

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Modalità di Erogazione:

Instructor Led (ILT)
Live Virtual Training (LVT)
Blended (BLD)


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