Titolo del corso:

HCIA Access Training


On completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Outline the functions of TCP/IP, routing and VLAN forwarding process, can apply TCPIP working principles to data forwarding
  • Outline GPON typical application scenarios, key GPON components, upstream and downstream technology
  • Outline the key performance parameters on distance, bandwidth, optical launched power, received sensitive power, attenuation, etc.
  • Outline the function and structure of cabinet, frames, boards and cables
  • Perform GPON FTTH/B/C HSI and VoIP service configuration, maintenance and verification
  • Master the PPP/PPPoE, DHCP, SIP protocols
  • Master the basics of NMS


Avere conoscenze base di Access Network

Chi è atteso:

Chi vuole ottenere la certificazione HCIA Access.


Il corso è propedeutico per il conseguimento della certificazione HCIA Access.


  • Module 1 – Access Network Overview
    1. Concepts of the Access Network
    2. Typical Scenarios and Technologies of Traditional Access
    3. Advantages and Typical Application Scenarios of PON
  • Module 2 – IP Network Technologies Fundamental
    1. Function of TCP/IP each layer
    2. VLAN Technology Principles
    3. Route Basics
  • Module 3 – GPON and xDSL principles
    1. GPON networking, GPON component, GPON upstream and downstream implementation, GPON key technologies, GPON protection
    2. xDSL Technology Fundamental
  • Module 4 – Broadband service
    1. PPP and PPPoE protocol
    2. DHCP protocol
  • Module 5 – VoIP service
    1. VoIP introduction
    2. SIP protocol
  • Module 6 – FTTx System Overview
    1. FTTx network devices introduction
    2. Typical OLT devices
    3. Typical MxU devices
    4. Typical ONT devices
  • Module 7 – Access Network Basic Operation and Maintenance
    1. OLT basic operation
    2. GPON/xDSL Broadband Service Provisioning and Configurations
    3. GPON Voice Service Provisioning and Configurations
  • Module 8 – ODN Link Detection Guide
    1. ODN and ODN Product Description
    2. Introduction to the ODN Link Detection Tool and Parameters
    3. ODN Engineering Construction Detection
    4. ODN Service Provisioning and O&M Detection
  • Module 9 – NMS basics
    1. SNMP protocol introduction
    2. U2000 introduction
    3. eSight introduction


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Durata: 5 giorni


Prossime date:

Modalità di Erogazione:

Instructor Led (ILT)
Live Virtual Training (LVT)
Blended (BLD)


Lingua Italiana English Language Langue Française Idioma Español


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