Titolo del corso:

HCIP Routing & Switching IERS Training


On completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Configurare OSPF
  • Configurare ISIS
  • Configurare BGP
  • Descrivere i principi di IGMP, PIM-DM/SM
  • Descrivere i principi di Eth-Trunk, MUX VLAN, Port Isolation, RSTP e MSTP
  • Configurare Eth-Trunk, MUX VLAN, Port Isolation, RSTP e MSTP


Certificazione HCIA o conoscenze equivalenti. 

Chi è atteso:

Chi desidera diventare un professionista del networking e chi vuole ottenere la certificazione HCIP Routing & Switching.


Il corso è propedeutico per il conseguimento della certificazione HCNP Routing & Switching.


  • OSPF
    1. RIP problems in large network
    2. OSPF characteristics
    3. Network types supported by OSPF
    4. The process of establishing OSPF neighbor relationships
    5. The concepts and functions of OSPF DR and BDR
    6. The Router-LSA contents and functions
    7. The Network-LSA contents and functions
    8. The shortest path first (SPF) algorithm
    9. The inter-area route transmission process
    10. Prevent inter-area routing loops
    11. Application scenarios of OSPF virtual links
    12. Configure virtual links
    13. The functions of AS-External-LSAs and ASBR-Summary-LSAs
    14. Calculate OSPF external routes
    15. How suboptimal external routes are generated
    16. The OSPF route summarization principle
    17. The OSPF update mechanism
    18. The OSPF authentication mechanism
  • ISIS
    1. IS-IS principles
    2. The differences between IS-IS and OSPF
    3. Configure IS-IS
  • BGP
    1. Working Principle of BGP
    2. BGP attributes and applications
    3. BGP route summarization applications
  • IP Multicast Basics
    1. Characteristics of point-to-multipoint applications
    2. The basic multicast architecture
    3. The structure of multicast addresses
  • IGMP
    1. IGMP working mechanisms and configurations
    2. The differences between different IGMP versions
    3. The mechanism of IGMP snooping
  • PIM
    1. Multicast forwarding requirements
    2. PIM-DM working mechanisms and configurations
    3. PIM-SM working mechanisms and configurations
  • Route Control
    1. Control traffic reachability
    2. Adjust network traffic paths
    3. The problems caused by route import and solutions
  • Eth-Trunk
    1. The Eth-Trunk principle
    2. The Eth-Trunk configuration
  • Advanced Features of Switches
    1. The application scenario and configuration of MUX VLAN
    2. The application scenario and configuration of port isolation
    3. The application scenario and configuration of port security
  • RSTP
    1. The working principle of RSTP
    2. Similarities and differences between RSTP and STP
    3. The RSTP configuration in typical application scenarios
  • MSTP
    1. Limitations of a single spanning tree
    2. The MSTP working mechanism
    3. Configure MSTP


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Durata: 5 giorni


Prossime date:

Modalità di Erogazione:

Instructor Led (ILT)
Live Virtual Training (LVT)
Blended (BLD)


Lingua Italiana English Language Langue Française Idioma Español


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