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  • Become familiar with typical networking applications and features of large-sized WLANs.
  • Understand the CAPWAP tunnel establishment process.
  • Master the configuration methods of large-sized WLANs.
  • Understand the maintenance methods of basic WLAN services.
  • Master WLAN radio frequency management.
  • Become familiar with the WIDS/WIPS technology.
  • Master the access control technology of Agile Controller.
  • Master WLAN inter-AC roaming and intelligent roaming technologies.
  • Plan and configure an hot standby (HSB) WLAN network.
  • Describe outdoor WLAN antennas.
  • Master the WDS and MESH networking.
  • Describe methods of WLAN planning and optimization.
  • Understand customers’ requirements on WLAN planning.
  • Understand WLAN network specifications.
  • Perform WLAN project planning.
  • Use WLAN planning and site survey tools.
  • Describe the precautions for WLAN planning and site survey in different application scenarios.
  • Plan WLAN architectures in various scenarios.
  • Design an indoor settled WLAN.
  • Use the WLAN Planner to perform outdoor network planning.
  • Master planning methods of small- and medium-sized enterprise WLANs.


Certificazione HCIA WLAN o conoscenze equivalenti.

Chi è atteso:

Chi intende diventare un senior WLAN engineer.

Chi intende diventare un esperto di WLAN planning e optimization.

Chi intende ottenere la certificazione HCIP WLAN.


Il corso è propedeutico per il conseguimento della certificazione HCIP WLAN.


  • Large-sized WLANs Introduction
    1. Typical WLAN Application of Large-sized Campus Network
    2. Configuring APs to Go Online
    3. VLAN Pool Introduction
    4. Large-sized WLAN Introduction
    5. Maintain WLAN Basic
  • WLAN Radio Resource Management
    1. WLAN Radio Resource Management Introduction
    2. Radio Calibration
    3. AP-based Load Balancing
    4. Band Steering
    5. User CAC
    6. Smooth Channel Switching
    7. Per Packet Power Adjustment
  • WLAN WIDS Introduction (Optional)
    1. WLAN WIDS Introduction
    2. Wireless Intrusion Detection and Prevention
    3. Attack Detection
    4. WIDS Configuration
    5. Typical Application Scenarios
  • Deploy WLAN Secure Connectivity Services
    1. WLAN Access Authentication
    2. Agile Controller Introduction
    3. Agile Controller Typical Configuration
  • Connecting Agile Controller with Severs
    1. Deploy Agile Controller in Large-sized network
    2. Directory server
    3. Agile Controllers connects with external authentication source
    4. Application in Wireless Authentication
  • WLAN Roaming-Inter AC Roaming
    1. Introduction to WLAN Roaming
    2. Distinguish between Different Roaming
    3. Inter AC Roaming
    4. Applicable Scenarios of WLAN Roaming
    5. Configure Layer 3 Roaming
  • WLAN Roaming – Smart Roaming
    1. Smart Roaming Overview
    2. Applicable Scenarios of Smart Roaming
    3. Process of Smart Roaming
    4. Configure Smart Roaming
  • WLAN Reliability Introduction – Dual-Link Backup
    1. WLAN Reliability Overview
    2. WLAN Dual-Link Backup Introduction
    3. N+1 Backup Introduction
  • WLAN Reliability Introduction – Hot-Standby Backup
    1. Hot-Standby Backup Introduction
    2. Hot-Standby Backup Principle
    3. Applicable Scenarios of Hot-Standby Backup
    4. Configure Hot-Standby Backup
  • Deploy Huawei Outdoor AP
    1. Applicable Scenarios of Deploying Outdoor AP
    2. WLAN Outdoor Coverage
    3. Fresnel zone
  • Huawei Outdoor AP and Antenna (Optional)
    1. Huawei Outdoor AP Introduction
    2. Huawei Antenna
    3. Antenna Selection
  • Mesh Principle and Configuration
    1. Mesh Overview
    2. Mesh Concept
    3. Mesh Architecture
    4. Establish Mesh Network
    5. Applicable Scenarios of Mesh
    6. Configure Mesh Network


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