Titolo del corso:

IoT Over Cloud and Edge Computing


Provide knowledge about IoT smart applications over Private Cloud, OTT Cloud environment and Edge Computing. The course analyzes the IoT system architectures along with connectivity. The topics include devices and IoT OTT commercial solutions already available such as AWS, MS Azure, IBM Watson, Google Cloud IoT Cisco Cloud Connect, Core and Edge. The course discusses different design strategy as Edge or Cloud Computing to perform Data Acquisition and Analytics.


Intermediate IoT knowledge including IoT Sensors and Devices features, network architecture, protocols and basic services.

Chi è atteso:

IT Managers, Developers, End Users and Technical Staff involved in designing and deploy next-generation IoT services over the Cloud.


Edge Computing Lab with Node Red and TensorFlow, Massive Deployment of IoT Device over Cloud, Hardware Lab with Real Devices.


IoT Deployment models

Cloud IoT Platforms

Edge Computing

Machine Learning

Real Time Prediction


Smart Applications

IoT Components

Sensors Types, Power consumption, Interoperability

IoT Gateways

Edge Devices

IoT Device Management

Cloud IoT Core

Machine Learning Engine

Database and Big Data Analysis

IoT Network

IoT OTT Analysis


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Durata: 3 giorni


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Modalità di Erogazione:

Instructor Led (ILT)
Live Virtual Training (LVT)
Blended (BLD)


Lingua Italiana English Language Langue Française Idioma Español


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