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Advanced Junos Automation and DevOps


The three-day AJAUT course gives students hands-on experience with DevOps
and infrastructure as code (IaC) with devices running the Junos OS. Students
will learn the tools needed to operate an open-source DevOps environment.
Specifically, students will learn to use Docker, GitLab, Ansible, The Robot
Framework, and Jenkins. Students will learn and utilize the tools to build a
working DevOps project using two Juniper vMX devices.


Students should have taken the Junos Platform Automation and DevOps (JAUT) course or have equivalent knowledge.

Chi è atteso:

This course benefits individuals responsible for configuring, monitoring, and automating devices running the Junos OS.


Il corso è propedeutico per il conseguimento della certificazione JNCIP-DevOps.


Introduction to DevOps and Event Driven Infrastructure

  • DevOps
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Event Driven Infrastructure (EDI)

Using Docker for DevOps

  • Introduction to Docker Containers
  • Installing and Configuring Docker
  • Managing Docker Networking
  • Managing Applications Running in Docker
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting Docker
  • LAB 1: Using Docker Containers

Using GitLab as a Configuration and Code Repository

  • Version Control Workflow
  • Git and GitLab Explained
  • GitLab Install Overview
  • Creating GitLab Projects
  • Creating Git Repositories
  • Staging and Committing Files
  • Cloning and Pushing Repository Data
  • Branching and Merging
  • Resolving Merge Conflicts
  • LAB 2: Using GitLab

Using Ansible to Manage Networking Devices

  • Review of Ansible Basics
  • Using Ansible with Jinja2 Templates
  • Using Ansible to Enforce Network Design Constraints using Templates
  • Using Ansible for (NOOB) deployments while maintaining Idempotency
  • Creating Multi-Vendor Playbooks
  • Using Ansible to Check Code In and Out of GitLab
  • Using GitLab with Ansible for Automated Version Control
  • Using Ansible for Auditing
  • Using Ansible with Vagrant
  • LAB 3: Using Ansible for Network Deployments

Robot Framework

  • Robot Overview
  • Perform Automated Testing using Robot
  • The pybot_jrouter Modules
  • Automated Testing – Use Case
  • LAB 4: Using the Robot Framework for Automated Testing on Junos Devices


  • Jenkins Overview
  • Importing Jobs into Jenkins
  • Implementing Continuous Integration
  • Git Module
  • Robot Module
  • Ansible Module
  • LAB 5: Using


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Durata: 3 giorni


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Modalità di Erogazione:

Instructor Led (ILT)
Live Virtual Training (LVT)
Blended (BLD)


Lingua Italiana English Language Langue Française Idioma Español


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