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DefensePro (RCSS)


The DefensePro Level 1 class is a structured 3-day course that is meant to highlight all the features and functions used on the DefensePro along with hands on labs to illustrate the protection mechanics.

• Install and deploy a DefensePro based on deployments guidelines
• Understand the different Attack Protection capabilities and how to configure them
• Navigate and use APSolute Vision
• Understand fundamentals of Vision Reporter


Familiarity with common network terminology, TCP/IP addressing & routing, and Internetworking concepts is required.

Delegates should also be proficient in basic PC operation and application, including skilled at operating a keyboard, mouse and Windows OS as well as basic Web browser operation (Internet Explorer used in class)

Chi è atteso:


To earn the Radware Certified Security Specialist (RCSS) accreditation, candidates must successfully complete DefensePro Level 1 training, pass the hands-on Practical Exam, and successfully complete the online certification exam.


• Security Landscape Overview
• Introduction to AMS
• Introduction to DefensePro
• Hardware and Connectivity
• Administration and Security Policies
• Behavioral DoS

Hands on Labs:
Administration and Initial Configuration:
Lab 1a – Initial DefensePro Setup
Lab 1b – Connecting to Your DefensePro Using APSolute Vision Lab 2 – Administering DefensePro
Network Flood Protection:
Lab 3 – Behavioral DoS Protection

• Next Generation DNS Protection
• SYN Flood Protection
• DefenseSSL
• Out of State Protection
• Connection Limits

Hands on Labs:
Network Flood Protection: Lab 4 – DNS Flood Protection Lab 5 – SYN Flood Protection
Lab 6 – SYN Flood SSL Protection
Lab 7 – Out of State Protection
Lab 8 – Connection Limit

• Signature Protections
Signature Profiles
Custom Signatures
• Policy Exceptions (Black & White Lists)
• Vision and Vision Reporter
• Deployment Guidelines

Hands on Labs:
Signature Protection:
Lab 10 – Signature Protection Lab 11 – Custom Signatures
Additional Components
Lab 12 – Policy Exceptions (Black & White lists) Lab 13 – Administration
Lab 14 – Vision Reporter


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Durata: 3 giorni

Codice: 300-101

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Modalità di Erogazione:

Instructor Led (ILT)
Live Virtual Training (LVT)
Blended (BLD)


Lingua Italiana English Language Langue Française Idioma Español


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