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LinkProof (RCCS)


This course covers the LinkProof® product line and end-to-end multihoming. It also includes an introduction to application security and bandwidth management for connectivity solutions. During this course, you’ll learn to enable uninterrupted and cost-effective communications from your central headquarters to your remote branch offices. You’ll also discover ways to ensure full link availability, security and optimized utilization for all connections, using Radware products. For central site implementations, you’ll be taught how to keep the enterprise fully connected while cutting Internet link operation costs.


Familiarity with common network terminology, TCP/IP addressing & routing, and Internetworking concepts is required.

Delegates should also be proficient in basic PC operation and application, including skilled at operating a keyboard, mouse and Windows OS as well as basic Web browser operation (Internet Explorer used in class).

Chi è atteso:


Successful completion of this course, passing grade on the hands-on Practical Exam, and successful completion of the certification exam are required to earn the Radware Certified Connectivity Specialist (RCCS) accreditation.


  • Introduction to Radware
  • LinkProof Introduction
    • ISP Link Load balancing
    • LinkProof Hardware
  • LinkProof Labs
  • Initial Configuration and global settings
  • Adding NHRs
    • Topologies
    • Smart NAT
    • Farms
    • Dispatch Methods
  • Managing NHRs and Health Monitoring
    • NHR Parameters
    • Health Monitoring
  • Flow-Management
  • Inbound Traffic Management
    • LinkProof and DNS
    • Proximity
  • Redundancy
    • VRRP
  • One IP configuration
  • Device Management
  • Bandwidth Management


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Durata: 2 giorni

Codice: 200-101

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Instructor Led (ILT)
Live Virtual Training (LVT)
Blended (BLD)


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